A Small Piece of the Bigger Picture

May 5, 2020

I know it sort of feels like mother nature just sent us all to our rooms. Can you blame her? We haven’t exactly been paying attention to the numerous signs to slow down. I don’t, however, feel that we should look at this as a punishment. There is no question that this is an opportunity to pause, reflect and re-evaluate what really matters to us. 

On a global scale, a reset button has been hit. The whole planet has been asked to slow down and go home. On an individual level, we are being guided to look inward and to ask ourselves what we really want our lives to look like. What do you value? What brings you joy? Who do you want to be? NOW is the time to re-focus, work on yourself, expand your mind, find stillness, sleep, play, appreciate.

In this fast-paced, high-pressure society we live in, it’s easy to neglect self-care and the things that bring joy in favour of what we “should” be doing. We all do it. There’s never enough time, right? Well, this isn’t working out great for most people. So what if this is all happening because it’s time to shift gears and step in to who we are meant to be? I channeled a message during a meditation recently and it said: “Whatever I’ve been before, I had excellent reason to be that. But now it’s time to shed that layer and become something new.” The planet is shedding its old ways, and we’re supposed to too. 

This pandemic is not about a virus, not really. The virus is just a catalyst meant to bring about massive change. As humans, many of us have lost touch with our greater purpose, and that is unity. One of the most fundamental concepts governing the laws of our Universe is “as above so below”. Another way of saying this is “as here, so elsewhere”. This concept has a deep meaning that resonates throughout our universe, but what it really means is that we are all so deeply connected and entwined in ways we can’t even imagine. When one person raises their level of awareness and shifts to a higher vibrational state of being by shedding what no longer serves them, this gives others permission to do the same and raises the collective consciousness of the planet. But with our never ending to-do lists, we’ve lost sight of this. We’ve lost sight of our oneness and connection to source. This belief in separation and scarcity is the biggest pandemic of all. It is this disconnection that is at the root of the suffering on our planet. As we are all so deeply connected, we have collectively been experiencing massive amounts of grief for a long time. Grief for the losses in our own lives, grief for those we don’t know who have experienced great tragedy, and grief because somewhere inside ourselves we feel lost and we know that none of this it is right. The thing about grief is, when it remains unprocessed, it will manifest as various physical conditions that affect the lungs. Isn’t it interesting that as a planet we are experiencing an illness that takes hold in the lungs? I don’t believe this is a coincidence. I believe this is a powerful way to bring our collective grief to the surface, to our awareness, so that it can be released to make way for more light. We’re now being given the opportunity to choose a new future, one with deeper levels of connection, awareness and compassion. But this is all starts on the individual level, so I ask you again, who do you want to be?

-MMC co-founder Jess McConaghy