March 16, 2020

The Modern Muse Collective and The Surrender Project have been a while in the making. In 2016, I took a solo trip to Bali, a week to remove myself from reality and open the door to a new type of adventure. Something that would be just for me. Bali was beautiful and so peaceful – it remains near the top of the list of all the places I’ve traveled. The retreat that I found catered to women from all over the world – all in search of the same thing: a place where they felt safe and could fill up their schedules or keep them empty on any given day. There was no requirement to be with anyone but there were always people around if you wanted company. This idea really resonated with me – a lot of the other trips that I had considered had set schedules and that was exactly what I didn’t want. I was leaving a very routine and structured life for a week, the last thing I wanted was for someone to tell me what to do – I was open to having options but not open to being committed to anyone else’s plan. I had an incredible week. I visited temples, read poolside, saw the sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur, went to bed and woke up when I wanted. I chose my week. It was made for me.

Upon my return from Bali to my small island on the other side of the world, I often wondered if such a retreat would work here. Anne’s Land. The smallest of Canadian provinces but the one that I chose and continue to choose to call home for so many reasons. None more powerful than the wave of calm that I have always felt as I cross Confederation Bridge or as I have driven off the ferry upon docking in Wood Islands. This island has a magical draw for me.

Moving forward, life and reality got in the way of this idea that still sat in the back of my mind. Enter Jess. A wonderfully smart, incredibly talented, healer and life coach – a wealth of knowledge in so many areas. In my living room one evening I told her about my Bali experience – the weird and wonderful – tarot cards and energy healing, downtime and amazing food – and asked what she thought of bringing the idea here with our own modifications and personalization. She was sold.

Over the next year(s), we talked a lot about what it looked like to us. What was important to us. What the actual draw would be. After a lot of talking and dreaming and visualizing and, a side trip to Sedona, a draft of Project Surrender was born. The word “surrender” was the theme of our Sedona trip. We went with no plan and were completely at ease with letting the universe guide our choices. We surrendered to knowing that whatever we did, it would be the right thing. And, it was – even when the universe threw us a couple loops, we eventually had a laugh and a story for the memory bank.

We came home with the draft. It was good but not great. We felt confident in the outline but were missing some key components which the universe quickly delivered on.

Enter Maggie and Elena. Creative masterminds, intuitive souls, successful businesswomen. Both bring heart and wisdom to the table and their very unique personalities. Joining forces with these two made perfect sense. They had already launched a photography based workshop together and were ready to expand to a different creative audience. On top of that, we have a lot of fun together – in whatever combo we happen to be in.

Our first meeting in 2020 set the tone. The date was picked. Email and messenger lit up. Ideas were everywhere. Our stellar line up was confirmed. Nothing too big or too small to share and discuss. A safe spot to throw out whatever came to mind- mostly on topic but some windy paths off topic, too.

And, now, here we are. It’s real and it’s out there and I couldn’t be more proud. Proud of myself. Proud of my partners. Proud of the idea. And, proud to be surrounded by these women who have lifted me and believed in me when I needed it the most.

This inaugural weekend of the Modern Muse Collective promises to open your mind and your soul. It promises to give you some well deserved time for you. We hope you’ll join us to experience the power of surrender.

Erin Boyle